Model Mayhem, Libido-Enhancing Alcohol, & Nurturance Culture

Massachusetts to be first state to ensure free birth control. Should we teach girls to respond to sexual harassment with violence? How sex affects intelligence and vice versa. When men treat harassment claims like ghost stories. This year’s Bad Sex Writing award entries are “quite good.” Judge rules administration can’t stop paying for gender affirming surgery for trans military.

honeygasm NOV 5.pngThe next Agitated!, the all politics drag and burlesque show, is Nov 29th. DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour has a special date in December: 12/01! Honeygasm Dec 3rd features two returning globe-trotting performers and the winner of the upcoming Burlesque Battle Royale season finale.

Model Mayhem rape case challenges fundamental laws of the internet. Which forms of alcohol make people feel sexy? The opposite of rape culture is nurturance culture. Can facebook tell you’re gay from your likes? Is penis skywriting by pilots about toxic masculinity? What you should know about breastfeeding with implants?

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