Vasectomies, Bumbling Men, & #ChurchToo

Orgasms are better after vasectomy. The cathartic drama My Left Nut. A novel surgery to help after botched circumcisions. The myth of the male bumbler. People used to believe that masturbation physically weakened men. The pros and cons of common positions. Pinarello’s bumbling sexist ad was probably not an accident. The GOP would rather abolish gender than recognize Danica Roem as a woman.
dtf 12%2F01%2F17.png

The next Agitated!, the all politics drag and burlesque show, is Nov 29th. DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour has a special date in December: 12/01! Honeygasm Dec 3rd features two returning globe-trotting performers and the winner of the upcoming Burlesque Battle Royale season finale.

Federal judge blocks Texas abortion ban as unconstitutional. What do your eyes say about your orientation? What research shows us about the sex lives of American teens. Nov 25th was the International Day to End Violence Against Women. #ChurchToo draws attention to abuse in faith communities. Female orgasms are having a moment on TV.

Hat tip to Orlin, Darryl!

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