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Karen BK Chan on Improvisational Sex

It’s #TBT and time for a vintage podcast. This interview is a personal favorite and the work of Karen BK Chan continues to be something I reference regularly. This episode originally aired in July of 2014. Enjoy!

When I came across Karen BK Chan‘s stunning video Jam, my life was forever changed for the better

karen bk chanThen I got to take a workshop that expanded on this idea at the National Sex Ed Conference, where I became completely enamored with her energy and outlook.

It was my quest to snag an interview just for you, despite living in different frickin countries. So when we both attended the Feminist Porn Conference in Toronto this April, I lept at the chance to corner her in a coffee shop and pick her brain. This phenomenal conversation in the result. We talk about the improvisational model of sex, the way Canada differs from the US around sexuality, and the battle to stay in touch with pop culture in order to understand kids.

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