Vibrators, Cuddling, & Marlene Dietrich

Ducky DoLittle charts her hysterectomy recovery. How does porn viewing correlate to real world risk taking? The truth about false rape accusations. Interesting read: in the wake of Pervnado, are we thinking about the pursuit of sex wrong? Contraceptives growing scarce in Venezuela. The complicated legacy of a panda who was really good at sex. More than 180 assault complaints against Massage Envy chain. What’s hot in the world of sex research right now? Will vibrators desensitize you?

honeygasm NOV 5.pngDTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour has a special date in December: TONIGHT 12/01! Honeygasm Dec 3rd features two returning globe-trotting performers and the winner of  Burlesque Battle Royale season 6.

YouTube removes over 150,000 kids content videos that have drawn inappropriate comments. Cuddling events.  Call Me By Your Name’s depictions break stereotypes, show fluidity. Merlene Dietrich remains iconic. Meet Canada’s trailblazing sex educators. She’s Gotta Have It reboot is ambitious. Who is most likely to be in a consensually non-monogamous relationship? Canadian man charged for yelling explicit word at reporter.

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