Brock Turner, Uterus Transplant, & Straight People Watch 2k17

The weirdest things people have said when getting proposed to. Renowned piece of shit Brock Turner appeals his conviction, continuing to prove he’s garbage. Who won the “bad sex in fiction” award this year? Woman with uterus transplant gives birth. Did the Republican tax bill include fetal personhood? Cyntoia Brown case shows the problem of prosecuting trafficking victims.  Roy Moore blames LGBT people for misconduct claims against him. LGBT businesses to support during holiday shopping.

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Tanzania police arrest woman over video of kiss. Sex and love addiction aren’t real. Marriage lowers risk of dementia. Eggs may be actively selecting and avoiding certain sperm. Autostraddle’s Straight people watch 2k17. How do we talk about trans people from before there was a word for being trans? LGBT friendly destinations for your next holiday. Australia’s trans teens no longer need to get court approval before seeking care.

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