Water Sports, Al Franken, & Alt-Right Women

Listerine was originally marketed as a treatment for gonorrhea– does it work? Why are Black women’s stories of assault and harassment getting less attention? Australian MP proposes to long-time partner during same-sex marriage debate. Billy Bush opens up about that Trump tape. How many people are into water sports? What is your phone doing to your relationship? Are Christmas boobs the new ugly sweater? House of Cards with continue, with Robin Wright as lead. Al Franken resigns in wake of sexual misconduct accusations. Article by me: Why net neutrality matters for LGBT people.

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Why do women say yes to sex? The genetic link correlating whether a gay man will be a top or bottom. How often do women orgasm– depends on how you ask the question. Breakups during mercury in retrograde. Alt-right women mad that men of their movement are treating them poorly. Time’s person of the year is the silence breakers. 10 questions you wanted to ask someone with HIV.

Hat tip to Darryl!

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