Offensive Touching or Homophobia, Curbing HIV, & Raising Sweet Boys

Representative Franks resigns after allegations he wanted to impregnate his aides. Same-sex marriage now legal in Australia. Philly cab company ordered to pay gay couple after they’re ejected from cab for kissing. How weed affects your libido. Should we stop using labels to describe ourselves? Ancient Rome didn’t have the concept of gay or straight. Offensive touching or homophobia in Metcalfe video? There need to be more representations of Black female sexuality on TV.  Meet the sex workers who are curbing worldwide HIV.

lora mathis.jpgSupport Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. The Philly burlesque community’s fundraiser winter formal, Enchantment Under the C String is Dec 15th. 6SEX6 the all metal and rock burlesque and gogo party is December 26th. Check out Agitated! All politics burlesque, drag and theater on December 27th.

How long do you want a sex session to last? Harassment is common at customer service and waitstaff jobs. Why are women having sex out of politeness? Pentagon says trans people can enlist in the military, despite Trump. Steam removes game about hiding porn from parents. Raising sweet boys in a world of angry men.

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