Gay Genes, India Bans Condom Ads, & the Effects of Loneliness

Feminism is Meriam Webster’s word of the year. Ex-official captured on video assaulting unconscious men. Your love life directly affects your work life. Australian military wives angry at suggestion to send sex workers to troops. Rows of hot pink paper reading #metoo. Why are we searching for a gay gene? What about the 19 women who accused Trump of assault? How our housing choices make adult friendships more difficult.

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Hetero couple promises to divorce if marriage equality comes to Australia- so now what? The extraordinary secret life of Dr James Barry. India bans condom ads from primetime. Ideal beauty standards throughout 20th century. East Timor considering banning contraceptives for unmarried females. The effects of loneliness on health. Inside Philly’s growing non-monogamy community.

Hat tip to Darryl, Anne!

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