SB3, Black Women Running for Office & How to Break a Heart

PA legislature passes super restrictive abortion bill SB3, governor will veto.  Ex- Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert barred from being alone with minors. 9 reasons your libido might be lower.  A list of 100+ Black women running for office in 2018. Biologically, sex more of a spectrum than a binary. Pussypedia the bilingual digital encyclopedia of vaginas you’ve been waiting for. Fertility doctor who impregnated patients with his own sperm avoids jail. Mario Batali includes recipe in apology for sexual misconduct.

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I went back to work the day my wife miscarried– I regret it. Rotten Apples now gives a heads up on movies ruined by predators. People are horrified by the list of words the CDC is banned from using. Strict alcohol rules at holidays won’t protect women. Confessions of a house slave. This is what a sex worker looks like. Meet the first lesbian couple married legally in Australia. How does Viagra affect refractory period? How do you break a heart?

Hat tip to Darryl, Tesla!

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