History of Dildos, Celeb Gal Pals, & What We Got Stuck In Us This Year

Can you pass an 8th grade sex ed test? The 30,000 year history of dildos. Best writing and reporting on sex work in 2017. What does it mean to call yourself non-binary? Fiber arts and queer femme future. Meet the trans woman running for office in Bangladesh. What’s the next Bechdel test? Celeb gal pals of 2017. Things to stop saying to bi people.

outgrow.jpgSupport Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Honeygasm January 7th is Flirt Vonnegut’s birthday! The next DTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour is Jan 12th! Nipples are Extra: a Burlesque Fundraiser for Top Surgery is January 16th. Get You a Girl Who Can Do Both: TEDx talks and performances by burlesquers is January 19th.

Women rate attractiveness of men, based on muscle tone. 817 serial rapists found after backlog of rape kits are tested. What did we get stuck in rectums this year? The world’s most photogenic gorilla. Woman on first date tears down Warhol paintings, throws $20,000 sculptures. Graphic is going around claiming oral sex is still illegal in 18 states. The most common problem faced in romantic relationships.

Hat tip to Darryl!

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