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Burlesque at Noir Con! Our 100th Episode!

#TBT and time for a vintage episode. This first went up in February of 2013.

For fans of the noir genre, NoirCon is an idyllic haven. Brainy, beguiling folks from both the consumer and production end of the world of dark, crime-filled books gather to discuss the stories they love. And this year there was a superbly well-attended featured session on noir and burlesque, of which I got to be a part. We took the audio from the conversation and turned it into our 100th Sex with Timaree podcast!

lulu lollipop

lulu lollipop

Helmed by sexologist Dr. Susana Meyer, the panel also included Peek a Boo Revue director Lulu Lollipop and musician/photographer Frank De Blase. We talked about sexuality in the 40’s and 50’s, the origins of burlesque, strip clubs: both of yore and modern days, the feminist rationale for taking off your clothes on stage and plenty of sexy sexy sex.

Listen here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and get all the podcasts even sooner.

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