Naked Gym, Abortion Laws, & Young Brujas

How cis people can be better allies. Growing up gay in the 60s. On liking women.  Naked gym opens. The lingo of online dating. The celebs who used the Golden Globes to speak out. Changes in American sexual behavior since the 1980s. what’s it like to be an abortion provider in an anti-choice state? A brief history of thinking you’ll go blind from jerking off. The abortion laws for all 50 states. Young brujas are reclaiming the power of their ancestors.

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I was on Moms Everyday with some ideas for talking to kids about sex. On wetware and cybersmut. How cable news gets abortion coverage wrong. Women watched more porn in 2018. What to do when she’s faking it. Mark Wahlberg paid $1.5 million for reshoot, Michelle Williams was told everyone was donating their time, gets only $1000. There’s an app for withdrawing consent. I’m in Glamour magazine, talking about used sock fetish.

Hat tip to Shannon!

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