Consent Apps, Polyamory in the Black Community, & Chelsea Manning for Senate

Don’t hook up with anyone who wants your consent on an app. Im quoted in this piece about athletic sex positions. I was on Moms Everyday helping parents talk to teens about sex. The trans woman who opened an lgbtq safe space in North Carolina. The real truth about polyamory in the Black community. They met as kids on Neopets and now they’re getting married. The 2018 NAACP Image Awards included a major moment for feminists and LGBT women. Chelsea Manning is running for Senate.

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Many teen girls don’t realize they can get an STI from other girls. The scale that determines the likelihood someone will sexually harass.  The overwhelming whiteness of queer women on TV. Sexual misconduct victims invited to the State of the Union. Gay Olympian blasts decision to have Mike Pence lead US delegation. Will this new app help keep sex workers safe?
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