Monday Gallery

Welcome to your favorite weekly feature. Monday NSFW Gallery is about enjoying images of sexuality and human bodies in all their diversity. We talk about sex constantly, but in very limited ways and often forgetting that the whole point: a celebration of pleasure and beauty. So enjoy, but make sure you open this thing in a space where it won’t be awkward.

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bbwapple.jpgEmiliano Bonilla by Josh New.jpgrope dress.jpglogan.jpgZanele Muholi.jpgshamanism.jpgryancoit.jpgjulietaaresi.gifjawnredcorn.jpg

One thought on “Monday Gallery

  1. hot hot pictures! But what sets these apart is the point of view.
    For example- the one of the guy performing cunnilingus (assume he’s going down on her). Great angle. Another I had to really look to see what’s happening- ah there’s yhevpenus and scrotum. But a different angle. The model shots are great too.

    I am an artist, designer, photographer and male figure model.
    Are you looking for new faces/figures? I’m very interested. Also I started out in gymnastics, then performing arts- adagio, acrobatics, partner balancing. And back in Sarasota fl where I’m from, a visiting art class to our circus group to sketch us
    came up to Kathy and I after the session and asked us if we were interested in a paid gig to model at their art studio, where we would dkcfradual disrobing from street clothes- to circus costumes, to fetid he/tights and finally to completely nude, while doing acrobatic partner balancing, then to a long nude duo pose in a clsssic impressionistic style. It was wonderful! Kathy has moved to Vancouver to teach trapeze and other circus arts, and I’m located outside phila, pa where I’ve been going to school for my degree, and I still model. And I’m comfortable posing with other models- totally professional , ethical, punctual, references available and I have my own transportation.
    Please advise,

    Drew McNaabe
    Artist art model performing artist

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