Face Swap P0rn, Bending without Breaking, & Fantasizing is not Cheating

The judge who allowed over 150 women to testify against serial abuser Lawrence Nassar. Female journalists covering Pence in Israel forced to stand behind male colleagues, subject to searches. Oh noooooooooo: apps that help face swap on porn will be next level fake news. Could cuckolding be good for your relationship? What’s the best food to put your penis into? Hawaiiians did not turn to porn after false missile alert.

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Why are fewer people getting tested for HIV? Missouri to hear landmark abortion case from Satanic Temple. Bending without breaking in dating. A polyamorous roundtable on jealousy. USOC gives US Gymnastics an ultimatum after abuse scandal uncovered. Women denied abortion access more likely to experience poverty. The female price of male pleasure. Fantasizing is not cheating. Court rules stealthing is not rape.

Hat tip to Darryl!
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