Pleasure in the #MeToo Movement, Joan Jett, & the Bechdel Test in Circus Arts

Pornhub shows increase in searches for feminist porn. Most and least common reasons for getting it on. Hidden causes of depression. How pleasure-focused sexuality can help the #metoo movement. What to do to keep sex-positive pages in your FB feed. Joan Jett’s sexuality is apparent in new documentary. Survey data on what men and women expect is kinda problematic. Texas is at the epicenter of anti-LGBT violence epidemic.

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Most people want a partner who is smart, but not too smart. Does the Bechdel test have a place in the circus? Photos of total strangers pretending to be in serious relationships. Lesbian and bisexual girls are more likely to be suspended, expelled. How to use filtering in your dating. The state of sex positivity.

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dtf 2%2F9%2F18.png

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