Marriage Lab, Adoption Laws, & Male Birth Control

Fatphobia is alive and well, even in the bear community. Florida house fails to act on guns, but declares porn a public health risk. Homophobe Billy Graham is dead. The best gay porn on the internet. 20% of sex workers are men. School won’t allow girls to say no to boys’ requests to dance. The marriage lab will help you rethink how you approach your partner.

femme labor

Andre Shakti, who has previously been on the podcast: “This is dedicated to every #femme who has had to carry the emotional labor of men. The physical pain is nothing compared to the toll it takes on our spirit.” Photos: Stephanie Catass

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Oregon passes bill making it harder for people with domestic violence charges to get guns. Georgia passes anti-LGBT adoption bill. Promising male birth control originates from arrow poison.

Hat tip to Darryl!

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