QPOC Heathers Reboot, Androgyny Meets Body Positivity, & Dating While Asian

Doctors find menstrual cramps are as painful as heart attacks. Trans kids benefit from being able to transition. The new Heathers reboot makes the QPOC kids the bullies. Trump dismantles LGBT protection policies. The cost of reporting while female. Arizona legislature makes restrictive prison menstruation rules. Androgyny isn’t just for thin people. Drag king spaces in Sydney. The rise of bisexual TV characters.

honeygasm MARCH 4.pngSupport Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. TONIGHT I’ll be speaking at the Franklin Institute’s Science After Hours about the science of love and attraction. 6SEX6 the all metal and rock burlesque and gogo party is Feb 27th. Check out Agitated! All politics burlesque, drag and theater on February 29th. The next wildest and weirdest in burlesque Honeygasm is March 4th!

Dommes share the most annoying things their slaves do. 1 in 4 teens say they’re sexting. Study finds no link between birth control and depression. Is there a biological basis to bottoming? Trans wrestler wins Texas state competition. Dating while Asian at Penn. Johnny Walker whisky has new female logo.

Hat tip to James, Darryl!

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