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Do Condoms= Prostitution? Interview with Jessie Nicole

Hey friends, it’s #TBT and time for a vintage episode. This one originally went up in March of 2013.

Jessie Nicole, head of the Sex Workers Outreach Project-LA and one of our favorite regular guests on Sex with Timaree, joins us for another fascinating episode full of important information about the latest battles in the war to protect the rights of sex workers.


She talks about coalition building with LA organizations for people exiting the prison system and the ridiculous NYC law that uses condoms as evidence of prostitution.

This law is INSANE for multiple reasons: it essentially criminalizes being a responsible adult, it makes it easier for police to harass specific populations and it doesn’t discourage prostitution, it just encourages sex workers to operate without the safer sex materials that will protect them and their clients. The biggest irony? Most of the condoms found on “offenders” are the ones the city of NYC gives out for free.

Listen to the episode here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and get all the podcasts even sooner!


For more info, check out her site, Red Umbrella Project and SWOP. And to take action against the NYC law, click here.

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