Funeral Strippers, Letting Boys Be Girly, & Truth About Fetishists

Kentucky bill to end child marriage stalls. How much happiness can sex and money bring? How do we help boys embrace their feelings? Philadelphia org Gearing Up makes email signature line change that identifies pronouns. How to help your partner if they have a mental illness. China to crack down on funeral strippers. It’s time to let boys be girly.

burlesque 101 & 201Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour is back March 9th with comedian Michael Kelly and Drag Mafioso Ian AKA Brittany Lynn! Intro to Burlesque and Burlesque 201 with HoneyTree EvilEye are this Saturday! Take it Off Broadway– a burlesque/drag extravaganza is Saturday March 10th at Ruba!

Adding dick sizes to historical strategy game adds complications. Trump’s family planning strategy is straight up Handmaid’s Tale. Gary Oldman and Kobe Bryant win Oscars, proving limited application of #TimeIsUp. Time to decriminalize sex work. People assume a lot of wrong things about fetishists. Self love is an adventure, not a destination. Male escort exposes gay priests, citing hypocrisy. Stoya: is there good porn?

Hat tips to Asiatu, Darryl, Dain, Erica!

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