Frida Kahlo Barbie, Stop SESTA, & Getting Over Ghosting

Why doesn’t the Frida Kahlo Barbie have a unibrow? An 18th century Irish lesbian love affair. Using lessons on PTSD from war to help raise a special needs child. We can’t fight rape culture without fighting mass incarceration. Abstinence-only advocate gets final say on family planning money. Congress is going to harm sex workers with its new anti-trafficking laws. Satanic Temple challenging Missouri abortion laws. A tribute to Laura Lee, sex workers rights activists who recently died. I contributed to this piece on getting over being ghosted.

sex worker rightsSupport Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. 6SEX6 the all metal and rock burlesque and gogo party is March 27th. Check out the second anniversary of Agitated! All politics burlesque, drag and theater on March 29th. The next wildest and weirdest in burlesque Honeygasm is April 1st!

FBI used paid informants at Geek Squad to flag child porn. No more free porn in Rhode Island? If you care about trafficking- listen to sex workers, not celebs. Consent apps are just ridiculous. ICE is detaining reproductive rights activists in retaliation. How does restaurant tipping culture reinforce toxic gender norms? Women founders who are revolutionizing sex tech. After Terry Crews comes forward about assault claims, he is ordered to take mental health exam.

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