Emotions Are a Social Construct, Rihanna Claps Back at Snapchat, & Kenyan LGBT Rights Activists

Emotions are a social construct. The 9 hour breakup playlist, explained by scientists. Students rally around gay HS athlete targeted by Westboro hate group. “Conversion” therapist accused of sexual misconduct with patients. Mississippi, a state with one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates, moves forward with draconian abortion regulations. Rihanna claps back at Snapchat for tasteless joke about domestic violence. How the Japanese love hotel trend can refresh your life.
6sex6 03.27.png

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How deal with mismatched libidos. Kenyan LGBT rights activists. Colombians elected 2 LGBT lawmakers. Trans woman sues Tindr for deleting her account. Isolation and stigma are killing Black women with HIV. Woman who accused R Kelly of abuse refuses to be silenced. Abby Norman on endometriosis, sexism in healthcare and the legacy of hysteria. Stormy Daniels, power and the women pioneers of the porn industry.

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