Sleep Divorce, Jessica Jones & Female Rage, & Why White Men Stockpile Guns

Eye dilation study claims no one is exclusively gay or straight. Netflix documentary on leaving Hasidic Judaism omits subject’s lesbianism. Jeff Goldblum on the sexuality of the movie The Fly. Petition to make sure Elsa isn’t queer in Frozen 2. Jessica Jones and female rage. Sharon Stone wants more parts for middle aged women in movies. Money, gender and political power.

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15 QTPOC films you should watch for Women’s History month. 3 phrases your partner needs to hear as much as “I love you.” The reasons white men stockpile guns has a lot to do with insecurities around masculinity. How homophobia robs all men of touch. Should you consider a sleep divorce? Alabama lawmaker has a sexist argument against arming teachers.

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