Marlon Bundo, Male Plus Size Models, & Twitter Allows Abuse of Women

The 15 motivations people cite for having children. Men are less empathetic than women and it’s not genetic. Cartoons you’ll relate to if you’ve been in a long term relationship. Relationship anarchy takes the judgement out of love. Getting men to stop worrying about who they are and thinking about what they do. Men are more likely to admit to sexual assault if they think they’re hooked up to a lie detector.

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Authenticity as self-care. The children’s book where Mike Pence’s bunny is gay is outselling his official book. The pope says paying for sex is like torture and slavery. Things that make your relationship awesome. Translater- the app created by a trans woman to help corporate culture’s problem with empathy. Plus size male models recreate Calvin Klein aid to make a point. Congress quietly retains ability to pay sexual harassment settlements with public money. Forced to marry rapist at age 11, she has now changed Florida law. Amnesty International says Twitter isn’t doing enough to protect women from online abuse.

Hat tip to Darryl, David!

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