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“But MOM! Do I HAVE to clean my sex toys?”

It’s #TBT and time for a vintage podcast. This one originally went up in August of 2012. 

A reader question about proper Fleshlight maintenance prompts a whole explanation about sex toy materials, cleaning and storage. Whether you’ve amassed a treasure trove of toys or are still wondering what a Fleshlight is, this week’s podcast will be informative.

cleaningWe go over such queries as:

Why do you need to clean toys, even if you’re the only one who uses them?

Why does it matter what my toys are made of?

Do I need to buy the manufacturer’s fancy expensive cleaner? Or is there a more economical alternative that’s just as effective?

Listen to the podcast here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and hear all the newest stuff first.

Clean Those Sex Toys! And not just after use- when they’re new too! They aren’t manufactured in sterile labs, after all. 

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