Birth Control Apps, Crazy Exes, & Fines for Masturbation

Teacher placed on leave after parent complained about her sexual orientation. What you need to know about the buying and selling of sex. Teaching kids the healthier approach to gender. Birth control apps find big market in contraception deserts. The Mormon church is changing its policy of suggesting women stay with abusers. Since anti-choice activists want to reduce abortion, why are they also limiting contraception access?

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University of Cincinnati student kicked off team, loses scholarships because she’s too attractive to boys. Asking for advice about boyfriend with a string of “crazy exes.” Texas bill would fine men $100 any time they masturbate. Indiana is trying to make abortion even more burdensome and stigmatized. Watch a midwife deliver her own baby via c section. The Instagram post that set off an NFL cheerleader’s discrimination case.

Hat tip to Darryl!

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