Why We’re Boycotting The Atlantic, Bi Men’s Jealousy, & Modern Marriage in India

John K of Ren & Stimpy turns out to be a serial harasser and predator of underaged girls. The G spot might be different than you think it is. Pornhub is giving premium service to people in towns with silly names.  Grindr is sharing the users’ HIVs status with other sites. The Atlantic adds Kevin Williamson to its writers, despite his racist and misogynistic views. City Council candidate shares saucy photos to be more transparent.

dtf april 2018.png

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Bi men’s jealousy depends on partner’s sex. NY finally bans police raping prisoners in custody. Bringing home work can hurt your love life. Different approaches to sex work. The 4 personality traits that predict if you’ll do well in open relationships. The complexity of modern marriage in India.

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