Backpage Taken Down, Tony Robbins is a Sexist, & Conversion Therapy is Consumer Fraud

Re-watching The Breakfast Club in the era of #MeToo. Backpage is taken down by the US Govt. Tony Robbins mischaracterizes #MeToo and admits his friends engage in discriminatory hiring practices. What does gold digger mean anymore? Our Bodies, Ourselves to stop publishing. Stormy Daniels’ experience with 45 paints a sad picture about modern sex. Dwayne The Rock Johnson opens up about masculinity and mental health.

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New Zealand competitive weightlifting divided over trans athlete, mostly because bigots don’t know about the science. Black Panther and uncolonized African sexuality. California dems want to make conversion therapy a consumer fraud. Trans runners can enter the Boston Marathon under identified gender. The timeless myth of Medusa, a rape survivor turned into a monster.

Hat tip to Anne, Erica., Heather!

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