Georgina Beyer, Stockholm’s Blue Penis, & Online Dating for Women with Autism

Why does the government need to know your gender? Dolphins cheerleader says she faced workplace harassment for her virginity. Pope apologizes to sex abuse survivors, still doesn’t get the issue. Couch sex is the best. Commission criticizes Amazon over child sex dolls. Getting back your libido after giving birth. Monogamists are less satisfied with their relationships than poly people.

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An interview with Georgina Beyer, the world’s first transgender mayor and MP. Largest settlement in revenge porn to date. 5 story blue penis causes upset in Stockholm. Arizona’s latest abortion bill is trying to shame women. 9 men on dating after being sexually abused. Dating for women with autism is easier online. First woman to win Boston marathon in 33 years.

Hat tip to Anne, Erica!

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