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#DamselsinDistress Women in Horror Films

It’s #TBT and time to pull something out of the archives. This originally went up in October of 2012!

The phenomenal Melissa Fabello of ToughxCookies and I love you. And we love Miss Representation, the organization (and film) that focus on how females are represented in media. We love you so much that we sat on my couch and talked about our favorite things: feminism and horror movies.

Horror movies are one of the few genres that reliably pass the Bechdel test. But are the female characters presented in a positive way? Are the messages generally good for women?

And in the course of our discussion, we come up with a task for you! Using the hashtag #DamselsInDistress, let us know on twitter who the biggest badass female horror movie characters are.

One thought on “#DamselsinDistress Women in Horror Films

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