Platonic Nudes, Husband Stitch, & Pansexual Celebs

A comic about trans sex work. Sending platonic nudes to your friends. Ghost of a masturbating ape haunts country estate. Barbara Hammer’s photography show unbothered, free lesbians. What is the “husband stitch” and why should it go away? School dress codes affect Black girls most often. How Tom of Finland shaped perceptions of gay sexuality. The costs of accusing Bill Cosby. Pansexual celebrities describe what that term means for them. The basic vocabulary to talk about gender and sexuality. Why you should get your teen daughter a vibrator.


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To end trafficking, stop arresting sex workers. The most common fantasies. Why is it so hard to make good dental dams? Rachel Weisz on filming Disobedience and a director who subjectifies. Incels and the dangerous idea of being owed sex. Companies collab on next gen sex robots. Does romantic mentorship have any place in academia? The Wound, a fierce look at circumcision rituals in South Africa. Young gay men’s experiences are sometimes tied into drug use.

Hat tip to Erica!

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