Gay Panic, #MuteRKelly, and FB Gets into Dating

How do prepare for anal play. Wild sex parties are tearing a Colorado town apart. Erotic pleasure in queer, trans and nonbinary communities. Mindfulness is the key to good sex. Inside the Mormon church’s war on LGBT people. Unpacking the exploitative rape-revenge film genre. The not-so pretty sides of pregnancy. How 4 queer Latinx women rebuilt their lives after being imprisoned wrongly. #MuteRKelly says Black girls matter. Ashley Judd sues Harvey Weinstein. “Gay panic” is an accepted defense in all but two states.

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LGBT movies that have emotionally wrecked us. When you and your partner have very different approaches to exes. Squirting and body positivity. The complex realities of trans womens sexuality. The trouble with incels. Facebook is ruining everything that is still good about it by taking on dating app features. Modesty ponchos to be handed out at Dearborn prom. 5 things porn tricks us into thinking everyone does. Washington cheerleaders were effectively trafficked.

Hat tips to Griff, Anne, Amanda!

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