Yelp for Strippers, Banning Child Marriage, & the Foley Art of Love Scenes

Snopes: did a sexuality educator say babies must consent to diaper changes? Only use your bed for sex and sleep. The experience of being recruited by Alison Mack’s cult. The online vulva guide to normalize the diversity of bodies. We need to change the way we raise boys. Delaware is the first state to ban child marriage. The Yelp for strippers. America’s concentration camps for promiscuous women. Men with low risk prostate cancer are skipping aggressive treatments.

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Police are realizing FOSTA/SESTA made their jobs harder, traffickers’ jobs easier. Why sexting must be taught about in school. Can a medication change your orientation? Do gay people try to conceal their orientation by changing their voices? Rita Ora responds to criticism of her song about getting drunk and kissing girls. How are onscreen sex sounds made? On Chesil Beach’s depiction of female sexuality is complex. NYC subway is fine with ED medication ads, but not those about female pleasure.

Hat tip to Alexander, Erica, Darryl!

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