US Birth Rate Falls, Edging Techniques, & Quasi-Queer Comic Book Characters

Researchers restore missing bits about sexuality from Anne Frank’s diary. Is the new Freddie Mercury biopic going to erase his orientation? USC gyno accused of misconduct blames “jealous old ladies with loose vaginas” so he’s probably super guilty. US birth rate falls to 30 year low. Fiance cancels wedding, buys house without including partner, says she can rent from him. Male beetles have gay sex out of incompetence, not orientation. I was recently on the Loving without Boundaries podcast and interviewed in Haaretz magazine!


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Using edging techniques for stronger orgasm. New g spot surgeries to increase pleasure. Scientists are battling over how brains process pleasure.  Male fruit flies feel pleasure when they ejaculate. Stop telling us movie characters are LGBT and actually make it so. LGBT couples explain why they don’t hold hands in public (spoiler: it’s homophobia).

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