Mulan, Women in Fridges, & Planned Parenthood Defunding

Is the global gag rule on talking about abortion going to affect America? Mulan and the need for bisexual representation. Americans aren’t having any more premarital hookups than in the past. New beer designed specifically for breast cancer patients. A reminder of how female pleasure is a threat to the patriarchy. A broken, capitalistic idea of sex is flourishing. Deadpool 2 and the “women in refrigerators” trope. How the album Janet was groundbreaking for Black female sexuality. LGBT soccer fans warned to be closeted at World Cup. On-demand Viagra doesn’t guarantee good sex. Southern Baptist leader removed, given emeritus status and compensation, after remarks on forgiving rape, abuse.

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Hacker interrupts congressional hearing with gay porn. Parents up in arms about kids’ movie that “grooms” children for abuse. The Trump plan to defund Planned Parenthood. Stanford employee to stand trial for revenge porn. Saudi Arabia cracking down on women’s rights activists. PrEP is great, but is it making people feel too safe and leading to rise in other STIs? NYT interviews Arrested Development cast, accusations and abuse apology abound, now male cast members are apologizing. 06/01 is lobbying day in Philadelphia for sex workers’ rights.

Hat tips to Darryl, Rachel!

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