Circumcision, Bigoted Bakers, & Pride was a Riot

GOP Congresswoman says porn leads to shootings in school. Kitty Marion: the actress who became a suffragette terrorist. New Zealand honors sex worker rights activism. Denmark considers ban on circumcision. SCOTUS deals blow to Planned Parenthood, narrowly sides with bigoted baker against same-sex couples but won’t let Trump punish ACLU in Jane Doe abortion case.

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Woman born without vagina gets one made out of fish scales. Allergen recalls birth control pills for out-of-order placebos. A new queer dating app. Fewer immigrants are reporting abuse, out of fear of deportation. The untold queer history of the A League of Their Own players. The White House won’t acknowledge Pride month this year. Turns out YouTube is down with homophobia. The metamorphosis of masturbation.

Hat tip to Adam, William, Darryl!

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