Enforced Monogamy, Anxious-Avoidant Couples, & South Korean Spycam Protests

Would “enforced monogamy” reduce violence? Truvada was developed with public money, so why is it so expensive? Did police cover up a serial killer targeting gay men? Who threw the first brick at Stonewall? Long read: Abortion at 8 months, then a surprise pregnancy. Does Google lie about abortion care access? The challenges of anxious-avoidant relationships. Demi Lovato’s prank on her bodyguard is a big problem. The nuanced meaning of being a BBW performer. In rare decision, Navy upgrades discharge for assault survivor. Teacher says he was forced to resign for refusing to use trans student’s preferred name.


Elsa Riot, co-producer of the Boston area episode of Get You a Girl Who Can Do Both!

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South Korean women demonstrate against epidemic of spycams. Southern Baptists grapple with #MeToo. Rudy Guiliani and misogynistic double standards for porn. How do same-sex couples divide chores and what does it say about parenting? A blood test to determine pregnancy due date? Female sexuality has always been monstrous at the movies. Moroccan women getting educated, challenging norms. Campaign to get UK blood centers to take donations from gay men.

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