Getting Past Blame, Anorexia Among Men, & Probiotics Reduce HPV?

YouTube star Tarek Ali on masculinity. Trumps’s Gag Rule and alarm over Truvada are partners in sex panic. Was being out bad for Rupert Everett’s career? How to get past blame and shame in a relationship. How to give the best BJ. When will Democrats care about sex workers? Talking to politicians about sex worker rights. Anorexia among men. Don’t try to figure out your kid’s sexuality before they do. The dual lives of a queer mixed-race person.

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Trump birth control plan ignores what women want and also science. How universities deal with sexual harassment needs big changes. Celebrating Ramadan at an Iftar for queer Muslims. The strange, difficult history of queer coding. Arizona study links HPV and vaginal microbes. What to do when a loved one is severely depressed. What to buy for a sex party. Super gay sex toys!

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