The OhNut, Compulsory Monogamy is Bad for Science, & OM is a Cult

How to stay friends with an ex. How the OhNut is changing painful sex. Questions to ask at couples therapy. Compulsory monogamy often leads to bad science. What does it mean to be sexually fluid? Suppressing unwanted sexual thoughts doesn’t work. Why is Nikki Minaj slut shaming? Lioness puts female orgasm charts in bus ads.How to be a good partner to someone with an eating disorder.

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Teens are having less sex but experiencing more despair. Why my 15 year old wants a hysterectomy. Watching YouTube coming out videos. In Scotland, religious and racial hate crimes are down by homophobic ones are up. Toys that double as jewelry.  The dark side of Orgasmic Meditation. More young Americans identify as bisexual.. There’s nothing weird about Amandla Stenberg’s orientation change.

Hat tip to Phillip, Griff!

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