Saudi Women Driving, Janelle Monae’s Pride Dress, and Breaking & Botching the Brandon Teena Story

Saudi women are driving after ban is lifted. 10% of people check their phones during sex. SCOTUS, apparently drunk, sides with “crisis pregnancy centers” which is especially egregious given how many state laws require doctors to lie to patients seeking abortion. “How Mulan helped me accept my gender and sexuality.” Janelle Monae wears pride flag dress to BET Awards. New Indian films showcase female sexuality.

real men edited

edited to be more accurate and helpful than the original text “real men don’t buy sex”

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“How I broke and botched the Brandon Teena story.” Did a jury sentence a man to death for being gay? Why was a Jurassic Park character’s orientation cut from the film? I was on Radio Times talking about the history and feminism of burlesque.  The unmaking of an incel. Research finds many trans folks’ attractions change after transition. People crave group stuff, according to research

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