Cops at Pride, Nipple Size, & Sliding into DMs

Without Kennedy on SCOTUS, even birth control rights are endangered. Should statues of limitations for rape be abolished? The long, troubling history of cops at pride parades. Facts you may not know about your breasts. How trans composer Wendy Carlos changed music forever. What does nipple size tell us about evolution? Young Trump staffers complain that no one will date them.

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Patreon is suspending adult content creators because of payment processors. Why do stores use the phrase “family planning” when most sexual activity isn’t for procreation? Does sliding into DMs ever translate into a relationship? FOSTA faces its first constitutional challenge. UK to ban harmful conversion therapy. It’s irrelevant whether sex work is empowering. Philadelphia’s Barrymore awards just got gender neutral. Why doesn’t the media call woman-on-man rape what it is?

Hat tip to Darryl, Griff!

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