TERFs at Pride, “Normal” Vulvas, & Loki’s Orientation

I was on the recent Common Space episode entitled Good, Giving and Game talking mannequin fetish, birthday orgies and bisexuality. What to do when your partner wants to be poly and you don’t. The science behind happy relationships. TERFs protest against trans women being included at London Pride. There’s no such thing as a “normal” vulva. The queer themes of Shakespeare.

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Why did humans evolve low hanging testicles? A look at Loki’s gender and sexuality in comics. How to stop feeling guilty about what you want in bed. The sexual side effects of ADHD. How Indian law is shaping perceptions of queerness. What does it mean to be digisexual? Miss Masschusetts contestant drops out of competition after host mocks #MeToo. Methodists vote on reexamining stance on sexuality. A crowdfund campaign for toys for disabled folks.

Hat tip to Darryl, Griff!

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