PrEP, Telling Someone You Cheated, & Love from a Narcissist

Why don’t more Americans use PrEP? Why gay male porn is popular among women.  Tomboys and weird girls from 90s movies. How to tell someone you cheated– in the kindest way possible. What “I love you” means from the perspective of a narcissist. The American Revolution’s great and openly gay leader. WHO defines sexual compulsion as disorder, but not addiction.

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Porn star couple gets engaged after first on-screen gang bang together. How many strippers are lesbian? “creative” ways states are eroding abortion rights. The science of cheating. People are terrified of sex compared to other risky activities.  Do porn fans prefer violence or pleasure? We need to include sex workers voices in anti-trafficking efforts.

Hat tip to Erica, Micah, Darryl, Griff, Joe!

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