Brock Turner Loses Appeal, Skyler White Changed TV, & Lena Waithe Cuts Her Locs

Brock Turner loses appeal, must register as sex offender for life. Delaware County school has questionable, inaccurate abstinence education program. Argentina almost overthrows abortion ban. How Skyler White changed TV. Costa Rica’s Supreme Court strikes down same-sex marriage ban. Voicemails left for Senators about abortions. Tops, bottoms and switches among queer women. Lindsay Lohan says #MeToo accusers are doing it for the attention and look weak. How much protection do protection orders provide?

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When your partner makes more than you and wants to spend. Number of LGBT candidates running for office breaks record. 4-H director booted for pro-LGBT views. Lena Waithe cuts off her locs and explains why. Many trans victims of murders are deadnamed in news reports. The story of Sarah Baartman and the enduring objectification of Black women.

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