Will Biphobia Ever Go Away?, Karamo’s Love Advice for Girls, & Bespoke Deepfake P0rn

Research finds girls do more chores, boys get larger allowances. Do sci-fi and fantasy readers make better partners? Karamo from Queer Eye has no time for the bad love advice we give girls. Is biphobia worst among gay people? Why it’s good to fantasize about your partner. Pioneers of web porn look back. Why are so few nurses men? Times have changed, is sex ed ready? Sex workers share their stories.


In a Parallel Universe by Eli Rezkallah

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The rise of the sex workers rights lobby and a candidate pushing for decriminalization. The sprinkle theory of sex toys. Fake clinics that try to coerce women. The unsexy truth about the Avital Ronell scandal. How sex robots could help marriages. How sexism starts at birth and leads to a pay gap. The dangers of bespoke deepfake porn.

Hat tip to Darryl, Anne!

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