Allegations at Mensa Meeting, Gray-Sexuals, & Dress Codes are *GASP* Sexist

Why one woman duped a bunch of men via Tinder. New parents and sex life problems. The financial toxicity of breast cancer. 3 men arrested for over 1400 counts of sexual abuse of animals.  Harassment and drugging allegations at the annual Mensa gathering. Trying to process the Asia Argento allegations situation. Do men enter baths on their hands and knees? Sex, science and decolonization through burlesque.

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The difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. Doing sex ed for adults in Philly. What does it mean to be gray-sexual? Texas man shooting women drivers. Florida judge affirms dignity of trans people, including in prison. Texas high school dress code video is *gasp* super sexist. Why we should stop talking about women’s suffrage. England legalizes at-home early abortion pill.

Hat tip to Anne, Darryl, Vanessa!

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honeygasm sept 2, 2018.png

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