Vagina Art, HBO Gets Prude, & Positive Outcomes of Affairs

What sex education is like in the Netherlands. Maternal death is a canary in the coal mine of women’s health. Connections between wealth and breast size preference. What’s the most common reason we get it on? Sex worker shot 8 times by undercover cop who may have been attempting to rape her. Philadelphia’s vagina artist.

long distance pride

Long Distance Pride

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We should be more worried about HPV. Cognitive benefits of regular sex. HBO has quietly pulled back adult content. How to grow out your bush. Americans are getting STIs at record rates. Subtle ways women are shamed for their sexuality every day.  Conversion therapy bill dropped by CA lawmaker. Research on the positive outcomes of affairs. Brockhampton, hiphop and homophobia.

Hat tip to Darryl, Griff, Anne!

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