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Jacques: A Lad Mag for the New Millenium

jacques magHey friends, it’s #TBT and time for a vintage episode! This one originally went up in March of 2015!

Before we could talk about the motivation behind Jacques, a retro-inspired “slick” magazine that features un-retouched film photos of natural beauties in the flesh, I had a burning question for founder Danielle Leder: who starts a print magazine in this day and age?

But Danielle has never been one to do something because it’s what other people are doing and that’s readily apparent in the comfortingly familiar style (yet entirely unique) world of Jacques. While other lad mags like Maxim, Playboy and FHM appeal to the douchebag contingent with shopped-to-death cookie-cutter images of scantily clad women and pedestrian content, this is full of the types of women you actually crave in real life and articles you want to read.

I chat with Danielle about the inspiration behind her work, the sensory appeal of print erotica, the excitement of capturing real beauty in the raw and what kind of man reads Jacques.

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