Loneliness Epidemic, Uncommon Fantasies, & Abortion Doulas

Breaking up with a depressed partner doesn’t make you a bad person. The PA legislature is stalling on sexual harassment rules out of personal spite. The loneliness epidemic doesn’t have to do with people living alone. Uncommon fantasies and what they mean. Same-sex relationships are still illegal in 69 countries. Complicated relationships with breasts and the BRCA gene. UK schoolgirls pressured into FGM.

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“What I’ve learned from being a lesbian escort.” How to tell your partner what you want in bed. 5 trans women on “losing their virginity” for the second time. Warnings of an STI that can destroy your genitals. Early periods: when to stay calm and when to see a doctor. Dangerous genital infection linked to diabetes medication. The work of abortion doulas.  Anti-choicer commit arson at a Planned Parenthood.

Hat tip to Griff, Anne!

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