Kavanaugh’s Virginity, Non-Binary Gatekeeping, & Textual Compatibility

“How I ended abstinence-only sex ed in my school.” Who gets to call themselves nonbinary? Untrue challenges beliefs about women and sexuality.  What is missing from the conversations about consent? Re-imagining role models in the workplace for bi women. Straight fans love queer celebs until they talk about sex. The first FDA approved app as a birth control method. When should you break up?

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How much does textual compatibility matter? Sinead O’Connor still hasn’t gotten that apology. Sexy Handmaid’s Tale costume removed after outcry. Trump asks why Dr Ford didn’t report Kavanaugh’s assault in 1982, here’s a reminder of what the landscape was like then. Kavanaugh tries to defend self by invoking virginity. Happy Bisexual Visibility day! Support Dr Martha Lee’s Asian vulva photography book. How often should you and your partner get it on?

Hat tip to Elicia!

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